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Tag ‘n' Bag

By: Utkarsh Chaturvedi, On 08 Sep 2016

Tag and Bag Game

This is one game that can be played throughout the party and not just your birthday party but any kind of party. You need a clothes pin, a bag and lots of tasks to be completed. Don’t have a clue? Let me just explain it.

Step 1

A person is given a clothes pin at the start and he needs to discreetly slip it or put it on someone else.

Step 2

Now, they need to walk away queitly and call Tag’m and Bag’m.

Step 3

Everyone will start a countdown from 5 as they search frantically to see if they were the one tagged. If the tagged person doesn't pull off the pin before the countdown is finished, then they must leave their fate on bag of fate.

Step 4

This is the funny part. The bag of fate contains some fun penalties, challenges, or dares that the caught person must complete. It is then their turn to be the tagger.

Something Extra: If the person does find the pin it time, then the original tagger must draw from the bag of fate, and they remain the tagger. Taggers can pass off the tagging duty to another player so that everyone doesn't know who the tagger is, but they would still be the ones who have to take the penalty if the person is able to find their tag.

Rules are simple but results aren’t. 

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