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Foreign Exchange Program (Bachelor Games)

By: Utkarsh Chaturvedi, On 19 Sep 2016

Bachelor Games

What’s better than getting involved in some weird games in your bachelor party? It is one night that every groom and his friends deserve. There is one game to get the bachelors and the groomsman to get themselves back in their groves and for the last time they get to show off their skills (Be a little flirty).

All you have to do is to pretend. Pretend that the bachelors or groomsmen are from a specific country. You can choose the country according to your ease (i.e., France, Soviet Union, Sweden, Italy etc.) and have all your buddies speak with an accent (from the chosen country) while out on the town. Tell any girl you meet (in your accent) that you are from that country and here for a bachelor party.

It is even better if you have one or a few of the guys who can actually speak a certain language in his native tongue so it is more believable. The bachelor party game comes in where the first guy to blow the cover and have a girl not believe them has to then do a dare or drink a shot. This is a fun game to play when out of town, at a bar or restaurant. You will have a memorable time with this one! 

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