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Top Outdoor Party Venues in Delhi

By: Sheen Jain, On 28 Sep 2017

Top Outdoor Party Venues in Delhi- Party Karo

Having moved from one building to another, day in and day out, you want your celebrations to be a breath of fresh air…quite literally. Outdoor spaces for a special occasion never lose their charm; breeze on your face, open space and sky as far as the eye can see. Celebrating under the starry sky elevates the joy of the event and makes you anticipate for another one just like that. Expansive greens will never go out of style, so let’s take a look at the top outdoor party venues in Delhi.

Luthra Farm

With beautiful lush landscaped greens all around, Luthra Farm provides a vast area accommodating up to 1800 people at once for all your events, from birthdays, re-unions, card parties and everything else under the sun you can think of. With services like limousines and pools at your behest, it is a one stop destination in more than one ways.

Red Carpet Party Lawns

2 separate sprawling spaces at 7500 sq. ft. each and a third one at 5000 sq. ft., Red Carpet Party Lawns take the term ‘larger than life’ to another level. Stunning décor, waterproof area, and multi faceted global cuisine and its convenient location close to a metro station make it an ideal location

Eden Garden

For all the fussy party people who need to have things their way, Eden Garden is the perfect place for you. They allow not only outside décor but also, catering, DJ and alcohol. Basically if they were an app you could apply all the damn filters you wished for.

Zorba Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

A beautiful space not only with lawns, but an amphitheatre as well Zorba Entertainment is a picture perfect venue located in south Delhi. It hosts a wide variety of events from birthdays, to seminars and concerts; there is no party too big for Zorba to pull off.

Manaktala Farms


Manaktala takes ‘outdoors’ to new heights; if sitting in the lap of nature is your thing, then this is the place you want be at. Situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a serene venue with rolling greens and top notch service.

Khalsa Garden

Sat in the midst of the Aravalis, Khlasa Garden is the perfect pick for a lavish event. A green expanse all over, this place has excellent management that takes care of every little want and need that you may ever have; the convenient location doesn’t hurt either.

Celebration Point

A Gurgaon…sorry Gurugram favourite, Celebration Point is the right choice for all those who have a royal wish. Majorly used for weddings, this place can also host corporate events and family functions. The delicious food leaves you wanting more and the beautiful in house décor gives a regal look to all your events.

That just about covered all the happening and best outdoor party venues in Delhi, so take a pick and celebrate in style at the top outdoor party venues in Delhi.

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