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Factors to consider while finalizing a wedding venue

By: , On 23 Apr 2019

The very first (and the most important) task on the to-do list is choosing a perfect wedding venue. Here are tips to help you choose the perfect venue to help you have a memorable wedding day.
Determine the budget: Here are things you should know before deciding upon the wedding budget. The overall vision you have, the number of guests to expect, the season when the wedding is due and the type of venue you are looking for – whether it is going to be an outdoor wedding or an indoor one.
Once you have gathered the information, you will be able to arrive at a financial plan where you can have a fabulous wedding location that satisfies all your needs and fits within your budget.
Ensure that the venue can comfortably accommodate all wedding guests: While there are both 5 star wedding venues in Delhi along with other wedding reception venues, one has to realise that weddings come in all shapes and sizes and every venue has a guest capacity. While some places may hold 1,500 guests at a go, there are other smaller venues which can accommodate 700 guests in floating. One has to remember that if the venue is too cluttered, the wedding may seem overcrowded while if the venue becomes too big, guests may feel lost. One can ask for a seating plan of the venue to get a good idea of how comfortably it can accommodate the wedding guests while ensuring that they enjoy.
Another important factor to consider while choosing a wedding venue is location: If most of them are not local, then one needs to make sure that the wedding venue is not only conveniently located but can house outstation guests as well. If the accommodation is not available on site, then you also need to ensure that the hotel is in close proximity to the venue.
A wedding venue which is close to the airport or the railway station is also important while planning for a venue if most guests are from outside.
Catering restrictions: While you may want to feature something exotic in your wedding feast, one has to make sure that the wedding venue will be able to provide it. If not, one has to question whether the venue is restricting your options with their own exclusive caterers or not. The chosen venue may have an exorbitantly priced catering service which could throw your wedding budget for a toss.
Apart from having a clear idea about the light and the decoration, confirm if the venue is all-inclusive. One has to find out if the wedding venue is able to provide all the services you need within your budget and check if the pricing includes catering, decoration, flowers, lighting, music, videography and vendors among others so that one can make the arrangements accordingly.
Finally, if you want to make the wedding day magnificent for yourself and the guests in attendance, it is important to make sure that the venue suits the theme of the wedding and your personalities.

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