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Best Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon with the Perfect Ambiance!

By: Sheen Jain, On 09 Nov 2017

Nice food, good booze and the people you love and appreciate the most in your life, what more could you possibly need for a birthday party. You’re getting older and you’ll probably have fewer friends but some new entrants as well because that’s just life. The nightlife hub of Delhi/NCR Gurgaon, has the best places on offer for your celebrations, whether it’s a night out with your buds or just simple brunching with gossip. So read on for the best birthday party venues in Gurgaon!

21 Gun Salute

Image Source: 21 Gun Salute

An ode to the bygone era of the Raj and the princely states, 21 Gun Salute delivers on its promise of royal food and décor. The vast menu of varied dishes is handpicked for a stellar dining experience. The interiors will wow you from the get-go especially the vintage car inside that is bound to capture your attention. The rich and elegant interiors are reminiscent of Indian royalty especially with the royal artifacts. The cuisine is modern Indian with the kebabs and biryanis. You can make bookings for 21 Gun Salute now.

Molecule Air Bar

Image Source: Molecule Air Bar

It is a feast not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes. Molecule Air Bar prides itself on the spectacular presentation more than anything else. A great mix of Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese and other cuisines is served looking like it came right from a mad scientist’s lab. The interiors with blueprints and copper pipes only add to this place’s charm; it is not just a restaurant but an experience. The beer here is so good that you may want to extend your birthday celebrations just a bit longer. So bring all your bhukkad friends here for the treat of a lifetime. You can make bookings for Molecule Air Bar now.


Image Source: Oberoi Hotels

Chic and minimalistic in their approach, Amaranta at the Oberoi is the perfect birthday party venue in Gurgaon for dining out with your work friends. The intimate setup is perfect for a fine dining experience. They serve exquisite modern Indian food from Kolkata, Hyderabad and many other states, so your meal will not be boring for sure. The service by the courteous staff is personalized for every one dining. They even provide a separate area for private parties of 10 if you want to enjoy time away from other diners. You can make bookings for Amaranta now.

Di Ghente Café & Boulangerie

Image Source: Di Ghente

Take your friends for a breakfast date at this hole in the wall birthday party venue in Gurgaon. Although small in size, you’ll never find an empty seat here. The big windows here let the sunlight stream in and the smell of baking goods just reels you in. the rustic interiors add to its cozy charm and if you are a winter baby then this place is perfect for you. The authentic Belgian cuisine is mouthwatering and if the cuisine is Belgian how could anyone miss the delectable waffles? You can make bookings for Di Ghent Café & Boulangerie now.


Image Source: Prego

If your friends and you love Italian food, then Prego at the Westin is the perfect birthday party venue for you. They serve Italian with a Californian twist so you can taste the best of both worlds. The rustic and earthy décor feels very cozy and inviting, yet luxurious at the same time. The walls are decorated with authentic artwork and there is an open kitchen to make you feel like you are at home. The wine cellar has a splendid selection you can treat your olfactory senses to. You can make bookings for Prego now.

So gather up your loved ones cause it's party time!


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